Anyone is welcome to apply to participate in our unit.  However, as we are a multiple-time-period unit, we have not yet petitioned to join any affiliations, such as the Brigade of the American Revolution or the Northwest Territorial Alliance.

The First Mad River Light Artillery is a Charter Club of the National Muzzle-Loading Rifle Association, and current membership in that organization is a requirement for membership in the FMRLA.  In addition, membership in the George Rogers Clark Heritage Association or the Clark County Park District, is also a requirement.  Other than current membership in the NMLRA and one of those other two organizations, there is no separate fee or dues to join and participate with the First Mad River Light Artillery.  There are no "Mandatory Participation" events, nor is there a minimum required number of events.  We welcome both experienced and novice reenactors and living historians.  However, we do not yet possess any extra clothing or small arms to loan.  We can assist in the acquisition of clothing and weapons that are appropriate for not only our events, but also for other period activities.  Anyone wishing to participate with our troop of Dragoons must also provide their own mounts and period-appropriate tack.  Anyone wishing to join with us for a weekend to experience how we operate before they become a member is welcome to contact us for details.

Those who wish to participate in a direct military role with either infantry or dragoons must be 16 years of age, with an accompanying or approving parent or guardian.  Those who wish to participate directly with the artillery must be 18 years of age, and be certified in the operation of muzzle-loading artillery by the National Muzzle-Loading Rifle Association, which can be organized and scheduled after joining the unit, if necessary.  Field gun commanders must also be certified as black powder artillery instructors by the NMLRA.  Those youngsters who are not yet old enough to participate under arms, but who wish to operate with the forces, may participate as musicians.  Distaff and camp followers are also always welcome to participate with us, and are encouraged to join.

For more information please email