The primary weapon, and the focus of our unit, is our replica Light 6 Pound British Field Cannon.

The gun was ordered in January of 2003, and the complete weapon was delivered in July of 2005. The cannon barrel is cast bronze, stamped "1755".  The bore of the gun tube is 3.625 inches, with a 1/4 inch vent.

 The barrel was provided by U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine, Inc., of Meadville, Pennsylvania.

Heritage Restorations, of Worthington, Pennsylvania, were the overall contractors, taking in a barren gun tube, and turning out a work of art. They did all wood work (except the wheels) and etching on the gun.

Hoffman's Forge, of Ambridge, Pennsylvania, provided all the hand-forged iron work.

Stutzman Buggy Shaft and Wheel Works, of Baltic, Ohio, provided the two 50 inch limber wheels, and the two 48 inch wheels for the gun carriage.

The gun carriage and limber are white oak with all hand-forged iron work, as per Muller. The total weight of the entire weapon system (gun tube on the carriage, and the limber) is 2,200 pounds. The cannon tube alone weighs 555 pounds, and is marked 4-3-23 at the breech, which labels the gun with the hundredweight system. Therefore, the hundredweight is 4 x 112, which is 448 pounds; the quarterweight is 3 x 28, which is 84 pounds, and the pound weight is 23: 448 + 84 + 23 = 555 pounds.

The First Mad River Light Artillery would like to express many thanks to U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine, Inc. (Daniel E. Higham, President), Stutzman Buggy Shaft and Wheel Works (Melvin A. Stutzman, Wheelwright), Hoffman's Forge (Jymm Hoffman, Master Blacksmith), and Heritage Restorations (Brad Mooney [father] and Drew Mooney [son]) for enabling us to have such a marvelous piece of equipment, and for giving us the opportunity to have such a magnificent weapon with which to educate the public.