Despite our focus, The First Mad River Light Artillery represents ALL the soldiers of Early America, who fought and suffered to bring Liberty to this land, and whose sacrifices and hardships enabled us to enjoy the lives we all live today.  Therefore, the possession of period-appropriate clothing and equipment for militia service is all that is required of members of the FMRLA.  However, we do have uniform guidelines for those wishing to portray Regular Artillery, or Regular Infantry attached to the artillery crew.

For the American Revolution, the enlisted artillerymen wear a blue coat, of Continental Army cut, faced and lined scarlet, with plain brass buttons, and no lace (the uniform coat of the Virginia State Artillery, and, later, units of the 1st Continental Artillery Regiment). They wear white small clothes (waistcoat and breeches), and a black cocked hat or round hat (most laced yellow, for the artillery, but some unlaced). The Regular Infantry attached to serve with the gun wear blue coats, of Continental Army cut for either Line or Light infantry, faced either red or white, lined white, with buttons of pewter (the standard uniform coats of Virginia troops, either State or Continental). The infantry also wear white small clothes, and a black cocked hat or round hat (laced white or unlaced), or light infantry cap or helmet.  Those wishing to wear the uniform of Regulars of any other type are encouraged to contact us before making or purchasing anything differing from these guidelines.  Any appropriate period footwear is acceptable for field service.

Other equipment for service that is needed is any period-appropriate haversack or canteen.  If mustered for service as infantry (which was common during the 18th and 19th century), a period-appropriate cartridge box or pouch and a smoothbore musket of French, British, Dutch, or Committee of Safety design will also be required.  Rifles are limited to militia infantry use unless other arrangements are made. 

We also have uniform guidelines for service as regulars during the other periods which we portray, but it is advised that those who join work first on militia clothing and a uniform for the Revolutionary War, as most of our events are of that era, or immediately after.